Wes Charlton

A semi-finalist in the 2005 International Songwriting Competition, this singer/songwriter from Virginia integrates his Americana roots with modern themes to create a poetic and at times haunting vision of relationships, the struggle to find yourself, and the pursuit of the “Promised Land”. Opening for artists like Tim Easton, Stephen Bruton, Michelle Shocked, Pat McGee Band, and Virginia Coalition, Wes plays to enthusiastic audiences everywhere. Past conference showcases include the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis and Americana Music Conference in Nashville. He was featured as the guest artist at NY Film Academy’s summer music video workshop, and was asked to complete a publisher-sanctioned recording project for Arc Music Group of some industry promos for John Lee Hooker and Sonny Boy Williamson. With proficiency on a variety of instruments, Wes blends his musicianship with sophisticated lyrics to paint a profound portrait of growing up in rural America, while maintaining a connection to contemporary youth through driving rhythms, electric guitar and the exploration of found-sounds. 






Red eyes blue lights



  • Friday 17 August 2018                Cary Street Cafe, Richmond, VA, US



  • Friday 7 September 2018          IX Art Park, Charlottesville, VA, US



  • Tuesday 25 September 2018    The Basement, Nashville, TN, US




  • Thursday 15 November 2018   Willaby's, White Stone, VA, US



Past Dates



  • Saturday 14 July 2018                The Ville, Mechanicsville, VA, US


  • Friday 20 July 2018                      The Camel, Richmond, VA, US



  • Monday 21  May 2018                 The Camel, Richmond, VA, US




  • Thursday 15 March 2018            The Camel, Richmond, VA, US



  • Tuesday 6 February 2018          The Basement, Nashville, TN, US


  • Saturday 18 November 2017    Poe's Pub, Richmond, VA, US



  • Friday 18 August 2017               Montross Brewery,  Montross, VA, US


  • Friday 11 August 2017               Poe's Pub, Richmond, VA, US


  • Sunday 02 July 2017                  Black Cat, Washington, DC, US


  • Friday 30 June 2017                  Savannah Joe's, Kilmarnock, VA, US




  • Tuesday 23 May 2017           The Basement, Nashville, TN, US