Demo policy

We get a lot of requests from new artists.   Please send us a mail with photo, bio and max 2 songs preferably through a soundcloud link. We expect to reply to you within 14 days. Please note that we are not a promoter and will not answer general booking requests from other artists.


Eivind Brydøy:

Office Norway: +47 455 00 444


Katherine DePaul:

Office Norway: +47 455 00 444

Office U.S : +1 917 442 6526


Anders Førde Midtbø

+47 95709937



Send a message

Please note that messages to artists or regarding shows should be directed to the artists facebook page.  We will forward messages to artists, but please understand that we can not reply to these messages ourselves.  Business related messages are usually answered within 24 hours during workdays.

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We will reply to your message within 24 hours on regular workdays.





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