Fay Wildhagen made a big impact with her award-winning debut album “Snow” in 2015. She followed up the album with a nationwide tour and played well known key festivals in Norway and Europe. Now Fay is back with the “difficult second album”, and it has been hard. For nearly two years, she’s been struggling with arthritis in both of her arms which forced her to pack down her guitars and search for new ways to write and create music. She worked alone and immersed herself in music production - technically as well as creatively, which felt natural for her to find new, original and real ways into her inner music. The record is mostly written and produced in solitary on a cabin in the Norwegian mountains, but also in Trondheim, Los Angeles, and Oslo.


The album as a whole is produced by Wildhagen, with contributions from among others Tobias Fröberg (Ane Brun), Kristoffer Lo (Highasakite), Markus Jägerstedt (Robyn) and Nils Törnqvist (Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Amason). “Borders” is quite different from her debut album, but still has the sound and feel of Fay Wildhagen. Honest and unpretentious, but still big, borderless and airy. The dynamic, charm, curiosity and - last but least - magic, is present when Fay invites us into her musical landscape. First taste is the single “New Again”, that was released Friday, August 31st. The album “Borders” was released September 21st.   





Fay Wildhagen "Fire On The Mountain" (live @ Parkteatret, Oslo)

Four Years (in one day) - Fay Wildhagen