Noora Noor also known as Norwegian queen of soul, is something as uncommon as a Norwegian soul artist with more than 8 million streams on youtube of her last hit "Forget what I said"

Noora Noor was signed to Warner at the age of 15 after they saw her on a youth festival. She started working with a new production team in Trondheim called Stargate. Their first success single together was «Need You». A song that was played extensively on MTV’s popular program «The Lick». Noora’s first album «Curous» got great response in several territories as the first R&B album released by Warner Norway, and this secured release in main territories as Germany and Japan (sold 50.000). Stargate got good international contacts after producing Noora and went on to produce S Club 7 and later Beyonce, Akon and most hit US R&B albums.

Noora was supposed to finish her second album, but got seriously ill with tuberculosis. The album «All I Am» was finally released 4 and a half years after the debut album. This album was produced partly in the UK and partly in US.

Noora has been collaborating with several artists. She participates and has written a song on the MadCon album which is now internationally released by Sony Europe and Reprise US. She has done songs with Mike Scott from the Waterboys, Jojo Pelegrino, Promoe from Sweden, Akhenathon from France and others. She has even performed as Mary Magdalen in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Her third album «Soul Deep» was produced in San Jose, USA with Kid Andersen. Kid moved to USA from Norway to play with Little Charlie & The Nightcats, but soon found himself producing several neo soul and blues albums. The album took Noora back to her roots to the sound of Stax and southern soul. Noora had great success with the album that got 6/6 in Norway´ major daily VG.    Noora also received a Norwegian Grammy for Best Female Artist in march 2010 for this album.


Noora is currently working on her next album due for release in 2015.




The classic soul nerve comes straight from – and hits you straight in – the heart… The Album is absolutely fabulous and catchy.
-6 out of 6-
— VG






 Noora Noor - Someday We`ll All Be Free (Benefit Concert For Haiti 2010)


Noora Noor performs "Funky Way"


Noora Noor - What man have done